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Best dental plans For specialized clinics, it’s easier to advertise and conduct special promotions. As a rule, they are better remembered by patients, because they have bright, distinctive features Best dental plans.

Such clinics make sense to open in large cities since the presence of a large number of people leads to a guaranteed demand for specialized services.

The disadvantage of such clinics is that the demand must be competently calculated. Often the market is not ready for what is offered, even if patients need these services.



 Best dental plans For Everyone
Best dental plans For Everyone

For such clinics, it is essential to engage in educational work, distribute booklets, have visual aids, and show films.

Universal clinic

An integrated approach to the patient characterizes the large clinic. There are all kinds of services related to teeth:

  • Dental treatment (therapy, surgery, orthopedics, children’s reception)
  • Restoration of teeth (orthopedics, orthodontics, implantation)
  • Prevention (removal of dental deposits, polishing teeth)
  • Aesthetic Dentistry

Such a clinic requires significant investments, so the payback period is much higher. On the other hand, the universal clinic is the most stable segment of the market. Even though there may be fluctuations in demand for certain types of services, the clinic as a whole will always generate income.

There is only one essential shortage of the universal clinic. Such clinics can be placed just in the central part of the city or next to considerable passenger traffic: the exits from the metro, ground transportation stops. A constant flow of patients is possible only if it is convenient to get to the clinic. Parking is important.

Advertising and marketing of universal clinics are of decisive importance, and a well-designed business plan for the development of dentistry is also essential. Patients should have a good reason to go to the other end of the city and know well the services that can get there.

A rather strong contradiction is obtained here. On the one hand, the universal clinic solves all the problems of clients, on the other hand, it is far from everywhere it can be placed.

The way out of this situation is to create a network of clinics.

Clinic network

If you look around you will see that in the field of food the market is divided among different network brands. Wherever you look, everywhere – “Auchan,” “Ramstore,” “Crossroads,” “Magnet” and other retail chains.

The dental business is at an early stage of its development, so there are few network clinics. It can be expected that with the growth and development of the market, the same will happen as happened with the grocery stores. Those of them that successfully hit their niche remained. Networkers bought all the others.

The advantages of the network are apparent. On the one hand, a separate clinic can be located anywhere. The recognizable brand encourages patients to choose this clinic, rightly counting on the high level of services provided.

On the other hand, large expenses for advertising and brand marketing are evenly distributed throughout the network.