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  • Get into what that means from a health  Best Electric Toothbrush it’s more than just crooked teeth but I would venture to say.
  • That if we asked those parents you know number one is do you see anything unusual here abnormal oftentimes the answer.
  • is going to be no like they’re not even aware that that is an unusual or abnormal it’s not unusual it is abnormal right they’re.

Not aware that  that’s not normal part of human development because.

  • so many kids have that is we’ve just come to accept.
  • It as normal and number two if we ask them you know is there anything you could do  differently or I mean and this of course is a .
Best Electric Toothbrush
Best Electric Toothbrush
  • Little more challenging or difficult of a question because it implies some guilt or blame sometimes on the parents which .
  • I don’t you know it’s just lack of  awareness but is is there anything that actually contributed to this % of them  of them are not gonna say.

That it’s diet you know or lifestyle related they’ll probably assume its .

  • Genetic or something like that that’s completely the problem at hand and you know.
  • we this was happening this has happened in the dental practice every day and then we see kids.
  • come in with these these intracranial. structures and you the way I’ll just go is that my training .
  • did not  allow me to identify that this was a problem with intracranial.

Growth we would identify the teeth so we would just look .

  • at the teeth their relation in the jaws so there’s three classes.
  • Of malocclusion class class class angles classes  that’s what we learned about so what the
  • kid would come and sit down.
  • you know open up and look at the relation of the teeth and the bite and
  • we say well you know you’ve got a bit of crowding thee.