Dental Insurance Georgia
Dental Insurance Georgia

Dental Insurance Georgia¬† all especially when they do the top ones it really did not feel good okay so I got in there I had a really nice surgeon who did the procedure and he seemed Dental Insurance Georgia¬†¬†know he’s done a lot of pulling peoples T’s out I saw somebody come out who just had their wisdom tooth removed and he looked okay so.

I was like a good piece of cake um I was a little shaky in the chair that’s for sure once I got to the actual procedure everything was really going okay I didn’t really mind he had to take like a drill to get through that bone he started on

this side and I could hear that but it was okay you know it wasn’t until he started actually like pushing down like they don’t just um sorry they don’t just pull it out to kind of push down twist and twist and twist and then they pull out with

the bottom and I think with this one he ended up having to cut it into it a few pieces to get it out and I was just a complete shock as to how much pressure there was and I was a little bit like freaked out by it really the sounds were disturbing but I didn’t really – sounds as much as the feeling of the teeth getting ripped out of my jaw because they

were really deep in there because they were impacted it completely freaked me out and I was just like oh my god we have to go through you know three more and then he went and he did this side he started with the bottoms and this

side was a lot easier I don’t really know why um it took a lot less time and um yeah was just a lot easier it didn’t notice much pressure um and then he went up to this one and he didn’t have to cut anything for that one he just went straight to pulling it out because it was already gone and I didn’t have sorry my guinea pig is upset