The is humana dental first one sherry so this is one thing that sherry when she’s working with her clients she hears this all the time to sound support essentials humana dental they help clients with AR and billing and submitting claims and so this is .


What they do on a daily basis so sherry let’s talk about can’t I just write it off no no the short answer is no you can’t just blurt it off basically if you have a contract with an insurance company you actually have a contract the contract is

More about agreeing on pricing and on how to to bill and collect the members the from the members of that plan and you actually have an agreement on how you’re going to do that and accepting what insurance pays and writing off the difference is actually.

A violation of your contract and is I’m gonna use the F word here fraud it’s called waiting waiving the copay and we see it most with fluoride because most plans only cover fluoride once a year but many many doctors recommend it twice.

A year at the to hygiene visits and then they write off the fluoride when it’s not covered but if you build it to the insurance company and the insurance company sent it back to you and said you need to collect this from the patient then you truly need to collect it for the patient so.

That is that is a big thing that you have to be able to understand is that when you sign those contracts and when you build the insurance you have to build the insurance the same thing you build a patient and that means that you can’t just write it off afterwards now there’s.

A difference between writing off in order for the patient to get a benefit and writing off a bad debt because someone refused to pay there’s a big difference with that so don’t think that if you have someone who you’ve sent a bill to that you I collect from that just absolutely says hey I’m not gonna pay and you.